Photo-rejuvenation removes sunspots and significantly improves the colour and texture of the skin.

What is photo-rejuvenation?

t acts on the epidermal level, “erasing” the signs of skin ageing: sunspots, reddening. This improves the skin’s luminosity and radiance as well as evening-out skin tone.

To provide you with detailed information on our treatment process and prices, we offer a free, no-commitment consultation.

  • Avoid sun exposure before treatment, and for 30 days afterwards. Sun protection must be used after treatment.

    Please note that we do not perform any laser or aesthetic treatments on pregnant women.

  • Topical gel will be applied to the area to be treated. A test will then be carried out. The dermatologist will monitor the treatment parameters as well as your skin’s reaction.

    After approval, the specialist laser assistant will carry out the treatment. Patients find the pain to be bearable.

  • Slight reddening is common but will disappear within a few hours.

    Following treatment, spots become darker, but they can be concealed with foundation.

    Brown spots on the face may be darker for 5 to 7 days and for 15 days on areas such as: the neck, décolletage, arms and hands

Example of treatment

Approximately 30 minutes

Duration of treatment

2 to 3 sessions


from CHF 600.-




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-> Online Reservation

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