Smooth, wrinkle-free skin!

Smooth, wrinkle-free skin! 900 600 Laser Beaute

At LBM, our doctors are on hand to discuss bespoke treatments tailored to your specific needs.

For optimal effectiveness of botulinum toxin, you should ideally begin treatment when a line is still “dynamic” and not “static”. To know what stage your skin is at, try stretching a wrinkle between two fingers in front of a mirror. If it disappears completely, it’s still “dynamic” and easy to treat. But if stretching your skin only softens the line, it’s beginning to become “static”. A supplementary treatment may be necessary. In this case, we can offer you a filling product such as hyaluronic acid.

To provide you with detailed information on our anti-wrinkle treatments, we can offer you a free, no-commitment consultation. Injections are given by our team of experienced doctors.


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