Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is currently the most effective medical technique for treating orange peel skin while actively participating in lymphatic and venous drainage. It is intended for people who have surface irregularities and wish to improve the texture of the skin.


The combination of the three following preparations allows to act on all the types of cellulites:

– Mesohyal Artichok: hyaluronic acid that improves the texture and appearance of the skin and artichoke extract and mineral salts that have a draining effect.

– Mesohyal Carnitine: hyaluronic acid and L-Carnitine to promote fatty acid metabolism (helps eliminate fat).

– Mesohyal Melilot: hyaluronic acid, extract of Melilot Troxerutin and mineral salts. To activate the microcirculation.

  • The improvement in skin texture and dimples is visible as early as the 5th session. The skin is visibly smoothed, gaining in elasticity and regularity. Depending on the case, this technique can be combined with a session of cryolipolysis by Coolsculpting, in order to obtain a remodeling of the silhouette.

    Respecting the basic food hygiene and doing sports, drainages, massages, allows to have a synergic effect with the treatment.

  • The micro-injections will be done on all the concerned areas, thighs, hips and belly during a 30 minutes session.

    6 sessions spaced one week apart are recommended as an initial treatment. We recommend regular maintenance sessions to maintain the result and even improve it.

6 sessions

Treatment duration



CHF 1'200.00




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-> Online Reservation

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