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LBM under your Christmas tree! 1747 1508 Laser Beaute

LBM under your Christmas tree!

LBM under your Christmas tree! The holidays are fast approaching, and giving the opportunity to…

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Carnival Coupons 1021 413 Laser Beaute

Carnival Coupons

We are pleased to announce that we are extending the validity of our carnival coupons…

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Remodel your body! 900 609 Laser Beaute

Remodel your body!

This is a common theme! In our 30s and beyond, we no longer have the…

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Skin rejuvenation 900 553 Laser Beaute

Skin rejuvenation

Most people use a moisturising cream and take great care to keep their skin looking…

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Smooth, wrinkle-free skin! 900 600 Laser Beaute

Smooth, wrinkle-free skin!

At LBM, our doctors are on hand to discuss bespoke treatments tailored to your specific…

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Aesthetic medicine: why not men too? 900 600 Laser Beaute

Aesthetic medicine: why not men too?

At LBM, we offer a full range of bespoke and non-invasive treatments to refresh and…

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